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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Smoked Salmon with Caviar Appetizer

If you like smoked salmon, you'll LOVE this easy spread for crackers, lavash, pita, or tartlets. Smoked salmon has a wonderfully salty, savory flavor, and mixing it with tangy cream cheese tones down the fishiness.  This is the best recipe for smoked salmon with caviar that I really love. 

8 oz smoked salmon
8 oz cream cheese softened at room temp
4 tbs mayonnaise 
Caviar for topping
Bread, bagels, crackers, fill boiled eggs with the spread and unsweetened tartlets, or anything else you love to eat it with.  

Add cream cheese, mayo and salmon in the blender. 
Blend it for a minute.  You can add green onion, garlic or dill. I like it plain with out any other addition:)
Spread it into korzinocki (tartlets) and top it with red caviar


  1. So simple but end result is very elegant. Thanks for a new appetizer to show off to our friends.

    1. You are welcome:) I hope you enjoy it with your friends-:¦:-:¦:-

  2. sweetie i wanna request dinner rolls:)))

  3. Replies
    1. (¯`*•.¸(¯`´•...You are welcome...•´´¯)¸.•´´¯)

  4. Thanks for this yummi appetizer!!! Where do u buy unsweetened tartlets?

    1. You are welcome:) You can bake your own tarlets or the ones in the picture I got at Russian store on Broadway street in Everett. Hope this helps:)


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