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Friday, October 5, 2012

Salmon-Vegetable Bake Dinner

Make weeknight dinner fast and easy. Here's a main course recipe.  A colorful vegetable mixture accompanies succulent salmon steaks for a quick and easy dish. 

1.5 lbs boneless skinless salmon 
5-7 potatoes
2-3 carrots
1 large red bell pepper
1/2 head cauliflower
1-2 bunches of broccoli
5 cloves of garlic
Mayonnaise, ketchup   
Salt, pepper, ground coriander
1.5 cups water

Cut salmon into 1 inch cubes. Mix with 2 tbs of mayo. Add salt, pepper and coriander. 
Peel potatoes and cut into small pieces.
Mix potatoes with mayo,  garlic and salt.
Cut all veggies into med large pieces.
Pour water into baking dish.First put half of the carrots. Then add a thin layer of potatoes (use half of potatoes). 
Add a layer of fish.
Add cauliflower and sprinkle a little bit of salt. Squeeze a little bit of ketchup all over.
Add a layer of the rest of potatoes.
Add the rest of carrots then ketchup.
Add a layer of broccoli. Put some mayo in the ziplock bag and cut a corner of the bag. Then squeeze some mayo on the broccoli. 
Last add the bell pepper. Sprinkle some salt.
Add ketchup and mayo.
Bake covered for 1 hr on 350F or until potatoes are soft.


  1. My kind of dinner..very delicious with assorted of veggies and salmon.

    1. Mine too:) I love veggies and fish:-)

  2. love it!
    Healthy, great one pot dish,
    Thanks Lea for sharing your wonderful recipes :)

    1. You are welcome Inessa:)
      -:¦:- Enjoy-:¦:-

  3. looks yummy, can you use another fish like tilapia? I love the recipe you have for it but now we are on a 90 day diet and I can not use whipping cream.... Or does this taste best with salmon? Thank you!

    1. I think it should taste good with any fish. I made it with cod before and it was yummy too.


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