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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Creamy Lasagna Rolls

This is the perfect lasagna recipe that pleases even the pickiest eaters time after time. The reason why it’s so popular has to do with the use of cheese, ricotta and mozzarella. You can hide vegetables in there and kids enjoy it. I really love to make lasagna rolls it's so  easy to make and much easier to transfer to the plate. 

1 lb ground beef or any meat
1 large onion
1/2 red bell pepper
1/2 zucchini
1 cup ricotta (tvorog)
2 cans of  Alfredo sauce
1 or 2 cups half and half
8 to 10 oz Cheese I  used Monterey jack 
Salt, pepper, vegeta sesoning  
Parsley flakes

12 lasagna strips

Cook ground beef in oiled skillet until ready. Add salt, pepper, vegeta.
Cook lasagna in salt water until ready.
Cut onion in small cubes. Caramelize it in the oil (I use grape seed oil).
Cut zucchini and bell peppers in small cubes. Do not cook.
Put lasagna straight on the table to cool down.
In the mixing bowl mix meat, and ricotta.
Add onion, vegetables and 1/2 of the can alfredo sauce. Mix well, taste if it has enough salt.
 You can use even broken pieces of lasagna.
Put about 2 tbs of the mix on lasagna strip. Press it with the spoon. On the end add cheese to make it stick better. Roll it.
Put rolls in the baking dish.
 Pour the rest of alfredo on the top of rolls. Then I put half and half in the can and pour it over the rolls.
Add the remaining cheese on the top. Sprinkle with parsley flakes. Cover and cook for 40 min on 350F.
 It will end up to be soft and creamy.


  1. Great idea. Looks delicious. My tummy is grumbling now.
    Awsome job.

    Natasha Kravets Bratkova

    1. Thanks, Natasha:) My family loved it. It was all gone in the same day:)))

  2. Making this tomorrow! Looks so yummy!!

  3. Do you have a recipe for xolodets?

    1. I made it so long ago. That's a great idea for summer post. I will definitely make soon:)))

  4. lea do you by any chance have a recipe for spartak cake? i adore ur napoleon just delish -alana

    1. I never made spartak but last week I was at my sister in laws party she made it from it was a hit. I don't like chocolate cakes
      but this cake was awesome, it was gone right away. And those hazel nuts on the top ware awesome.
      Thanks Alana✿✿✿

  5. Love this. Lasagna is one of my fave things to eat. Your rolls look fabulous.

  6. Replies
    1. I am glad you enjoyed it:) I love these lasagna rolls!!!

  7. I love this recipe;)) best lasagna!!

  8. I dont see why you need two cans of the alfredo sauce along with the half N half. Maybe I dont spot it in recipe direction, but I only see you use 1 can of the alfredo sauce. Is that correct? and Is any brand of alfredo sauce fine to use?

    1. You do need 2 cans, 1/2 can goes to the meat mixture. And 1 1/2 can with half half goes over the lasagna :) Any brand is fine.


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