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Monday, April 22, 2013

Simple Sugar Flower Tutorial

This is a really easy to make flower. No cutters needed. Easy flower to start learning with step-by-step picture tutorial. 

   You will need:
Gum paste
wires (I used white wrapped wires the ones from Walmart)
tooth pick
pointy tool or use like a pen
optional: green and pink color dust or shimmer
stamens (I used store bought) 
You can make the stamens your self. To make em: take a thread and dip it with white glue then run your fingers truth. Cut the threads, gather em into a bundle and attach to the wire.

Take a small piece of Gum paste. Make rectangular  round shape. It's about 3/4 of an inch.

Make a funnel with a pointy tool. Use corn starch for the tip so it wont stick.

Make it like this.

Cut into 5 equal petals. 

Then make the edges of the petals round with scissors. 

This is the fun part:) 
Take the tooth pick and start shaping petals. Gently roll out a stack of each petal. Pull gently each petal from the middle with tooth pick like in the picture. Then make a line  in the middle to  give a petal shape.

You can leave em white. I used pink shimmer powder. 

Make a small hook with the wire.

Dip it into water then stick it in the flower bottom.

Stick the stamens in dip em in water first.

Optional: brush green color on the bottom of the flower.

Stick em into the styrofoam to dry. 

For pinterest.


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