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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pork Roast

 A simple, no-fuss way to make a savory, melt-in-your-mouth boneless pork loin roast. My co-worker gave me this recipe years ago. I haven't made it in a while, so my kids loved it so much. My son son said " This is the best meat ever".  This would be a perfect recipe for the crock pot too. I don't have one yet, so I roast it in the oven.

Boneless picnic pork meat
Salt, pepper, ground coriander, cumin, cayenne (optional vegeta,  smoked sea salt), bay leaf.
 Soy sauce, sweet soy sauce or mayo and ketchup mixture.
1 cup of water or meat stock (navar) 
(I used leftover Holodets jelly warmed up)

I cut  each meat piece into 3 parts, so it cooks faster.
Cut like 5 baby carrots and 5 garlic cloves into small chunks. About 1/3 inch pieces.
Then rinse meat and make holes with a sharp knife so the pieces of carrot and garlic fit in. Sprinkle a little bit of salt on each piece. Stick in pieces of garlic and carrots alternating. 

Sprinkle soy sauce (I used Bragg liquid aminos) on the meat. 

This piece I tried making with sweet soy sauce on top, sprinkle spices on top first (It's the one in the main picture). Tasted really good. 
These are the spices I used. 
The main recipe is mix 3 tbs mayo and 1 tbs ketchup add all the spices. Mix well. 
Spread it on the meat. The left over pieces of carrots and garlic I sprinkled on the baking dish. 
Add water and bay leaf. 
Bake covered on 375F for 40 min then 350F for about 1 hr. Baking time will depend on the meat piece you will have. We really enjoy this recipe I hope you will too:)


  1. Wow! That was totally amazing. I love how you prepared it and step by step illustrated. Though it's not that easy to prepare, I think we can make it with your help. Thank you so much!

    1. It's very easy to make, just try:)
      .•:*☆*:•.You are welcome Jojie.•:*☆*:•.

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    1. Thank you Michelle:) I will look in to that:)))


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