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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shrimp Rice Paper Rolls

I been experimenting with new dishes. We really enjoyed these spring rolls. My daughter even enjoyed making em and then eating em. It’s an awesome entree to serve at dinner parties, or as canapés or snacks. The good thing is that the rolls stay fresh covered with a damp cloth for a few hours, so it’s a great dish that can be prepared ahead of time.

    Ingredients for rolls:
Rice paper
Julienned carrot
Cilantro leaves
Shredded lettuce
Julienned cucumber
Cooked shrimps peeled 
Handful of cooked rice noodles (optional)

   Thai Dipping Sauce:
1 tbs light soy sauce
1 tbs rice vinegar or white wine vinegar
3 tbs mirin
1/4 tsp grated ginger (optional)
All the yumminess lie in the dipping sauce.
Mix all sauce ingredients. I added sesame seeds on top. 
Prepare all veggies, slice in strips. Cook shrimps add a little bit of butter and salt. 
Dip rice paper into warm water for a few seconds.
I used a plate to make spring rolls in.  In a row across the center, place 4 shrimps. Place a handful of the vegetable mixture on top of the shrimps on each rice paper round. 
The key is to not over-fill and leave enough space around the sides of the rice paper for folding and rolling. Fold uncovered sides inward, then tightly roll the wrapper, beginning at the end with the lettuce.   
 Enjoy with the sauce!!!


  1. Wow! I was happy to see this post, Lea)
    I loove these. Are they also called spring rolls? I ate them a few times at a Vietnamese Restaurant. Sooo, good. And it is so true that it depends a lot on the sause. Yummm....
    Where did you get the ingredients for this recipe?
    Thank you. God bless.

    1. I got the ingredients at Central Market and Asian Store.
      Enjoy:) God Bless you too!!!

  2. This is great! I finally found rice paper last week and you posted a recipe. Thank you, Lea I need to avoid seafood, will it be still good to replace with chicken or beef flakes? btw, remember the asian style cucumber salad I mentioned before, I forgot to tell that you need to put some sugar, then it will taste perfect - from Abu Dhabi.

    1. Yes, you can replace shrimps with meat. It should taste yummy too. Thanks for the sugar tip.
      (¯`*•.¸(¯`´•...Thank you...•´´¯)¸.•´´¯)

  3. love this post,looks really yummy.

    1. It was really good:)
      Thanks, Nadia♥¸.•*´¯*♥

  4. hi lea, thanks for dropping by my blog earlier on the cranberry muffins. I've had eaten these kind of vietnamese rolls a couple of times but never tried making them. You did a wonderful job here, they look fantastic and the prawns..yum!

    1. Hope you enjoy em as much as we did:)

  5. We made a very similar recipe, given by a friend at work, but we used pork instead. It's a great recipe, but best eaten fresh. Tnx for the great post.

    1. You are welcome♥¸.•*´¯*♥
      I know fresh is the best, we ate em as soon as I rolled em:)


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