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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Traditional Russian Chebureki

Chebureki are half moon-shaped dough filled with meat and fried in oil. The dough is soft and crunchy with juicy meat inside.

  Ingredients for dough:
3.5 oz warmed milk
3 eggs
2 tbs oil
2 tbs vodka
1 tsp salt
3 cups flour

    Meat filing:
1 lb ground beef meat ( use any meat)
2 med onions ground
Salt, pepper, vegeta, ground coriander, cumin
2-4 oz water
Add ground meat and onions and all the rest of the ingredients. Mix well.

Use any dough making gadget you have. Add eggs,milk,oil. 
Add vodka. 
Add salt and mix well. 
Add flour. 
Divide dough in 14 pieces. Dip in flour.  
Roll by hand into thin circles. Or use a pasta roller.
First roll on #8 then, #6 then #3. 
Add 2 tsp of meat. 
Make into moon shape. Press with your fingers. Use dough cutter. 
Fry in oil on med heat until  ready.


  1. What an amazing recipe! Its best for when you have friends and family around to appreciate your hard work. Love recipes with step by step pictures! The filling looks almost like a meatball style mixture…very appealing indeed.

    1. Thank you Susan:))) This is a really great recipe. I make pelmeni with same filling and dough minus the vodka. It taste scrumptious:-)

  2. Just like a spanish empanada but the vodka addition makes it Russian.
    A splash of vodka always is a great welcome addition to a good recipe. ;)
    This looks delicious and will definitely try it.
    Love your blog and the step by step photos.
    I'm your newest fan.
    Visit me at when you can.


    1. Thank you GGHIE:))) I am so glad that you are my fan:-) Checked out your blog, really liked the panna cotta recipe. Will try it soon:))))))))))

  3. I just tried this at Moscow Deli in Costa Mesa but didn't know what it was called. Your photo of the chebureki makes my mouth water. I will have to learn how to make this so I can have it whenever I want!


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