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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Russian "Venigret" Salad {Cалат Bинегрет}

Venigret - one of the most popular types of salad in Russia. The basis of salad vegetables are boiled or baked, and to give the dish a poignancy and piquancy, it must include acidic ingredient - sauerkraut. Better to cook vegetables in their skins, so they will stay tasty and not lose their useful properties. There are a lot of variations of this salad, with addition of red kidney beans,peas and pickles. My favorite way is this one, that I make for many years:))) 

4 large beets
2  med potatoes (yellow is the best)
3 med carrots
1 med  sweet onion
Sauerkraut {Квашеная капуста} to your taste 
Oil ( I like to use grape seed oil and a few tbs of sunflower oil)
Salt to taste

Bake potatoes,carrots together covered. Beets bake separately, because it takes longer. Bake until it becomes soft when you stick a knife in it. Cool all vegetables and peel the skins off. 
Cut all vegetables into small cubes, put in the mixing bowl. Add sauerkraut (I like to use homemade sauerkraut in this salad).  Add salt and oil, mix well. Enjoy with croutons or bread. My kids like to mix it with mayo. It's is a very delicious salad:)


  1. sweetie on how many degrees and how long do u bake ue veggies?

    1. I bake it on 350F potatoes and carrots about 1 hr. Beets take longer about 2 hrs depending on their size.

  2. OMG!!! I haven't had this in Mom, Aunt and Baba use to whip this up weekly. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    1. You 're welcome Iryna♥¸.•*´¯*♥ Now you can recreate your childhood memories making this yummy salad :-)

  3. Is baking veggies better than boiling for the taste of the salad?

    1. Well, it's healthier to bake em. I make em both ways depending on the time I have. I did not notice a big difference if their baked. What I notice is that the beets are not too watery when I bake em:)

  4. perfect for Easter!!!!:) thanx Lea, -Eliana


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