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Friday, August 24, 2012

"Fun Jello Cake"

Happy Friday to everyone!!! Hope you guys are having a great week:) This recipe is lots of fun to make. Kids love to help cut jello into pieces. Then they can't wait for cake to enjoy it:) My kids had a lot of fun making it and the eating this cake.

You will need 4 packages of jell-o (6 oz each) in different colors.

White creamy jello:  
  1 can of sweetened condensed milk
  12 oz milk 

  3 envelopes of unflavored (Knox) gelatin
  12 oz whipped topping
  16 oz sour cream  
  1 tsp vanilla
With each package of jell-o, mix with 1 cup of hot water, stir until it dissolves then add 1 1/2 cup cold water and put it in the fridge. You’ll need 4 separate containers for the 4 different colors (I used ice trays for it) Let this chill until it turns to gelatin.

Pour 6 oz of cold milk over gelatin.
Mix well, heat on the stove until starts to boil. Turn off the stove.
Mix in the rest of cold milk. Let it cool.
Mix sour cream and cool whip. Add sweet condensed milk. 
Cool gelatin in cold water until it becomes cold.
Add vanilla.
Pour cooled gelatin into the mixture while mixing on med speed.

Put all cut up pieces of fruit jello into the mold.

Pour white gelatin in and mix it in a little bit with the spoon. Put in the fridge until it it turns into jello. I added fruits for decoration and it tasted awesome with jello.


  1. looks amazing thanks!

  2. i absolutely love all of your recipes.. and i love jello..will definitely give this one a try. Hope you and your husband have a great time on your getaway!

    1. .·:*¨¨*:·.Thank.*¨*.you Ilona.·:*¨¨*:·.

  3. Hi Lea,

    It sounds like fun making this Jello cake. I would love to give this a try :D

    Happy that I found your blog. Everything that you cooked and baked look wonderful. I'm now your latest follower :D


    1. Nice to meet you Zoe:) Come back for more recipes. I check out your Blooming Fluffy Yellow Cupcakes. Yummy!!!
      Thank you♥¸.•*´¯*♥

  4. I love this Jello cake. Never made it before, defiantly will give it a try. Thanks for great recipes Lea :)

    1. Inessa your kids will enjoy this cake too:) My favorite part is the white creamy jello:)))

  5. Hi, I Wanted To Ask If you Added Cookef Condensed milk Or Not

    1. Hi,
      No, this is not cooked Condensed milk:)

  6. Hi do you put anything on the bunt pan before the jello? Does it come out easily?

    1. I thinks, I did spray a little bit of oil in the pan. Then when it's done I warmed up the bottom of the pan in hot water for a minute. It came out great.

  7. If i use heavy cream instead of whipped topping how much heavy cream do i need?


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