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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chicken Rice Dish "Plov" {Pilaf}

 Plov (pilaf) is a traditional Russian rice dish! Every family pretty much has a little bit different way of making it, and i am excited to share my version.  It is definitely my family favorite dinner.

1.5 lbs  chicken thighs
4 cups jasmine rice (I made it with bulgur it tasted awesome)
8 cups water
6 large carrots
1 onion
Salt, cumin seeds, pepper, coriander, bay leaf. 

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Cut chicken into medium pieces. Cook in oil or water for 25 min. 

Shred carrots. Saute in oil. Cut onion into small pieces add to carrots. Saute until golden brown.

Put meat in nonstick pot add carrots with onion. Spread evenly.

Rinse rice. Add rice and all spices.

Add water,  DO NOT  mix.

Cover bring to a boil and cook for 25 min on low heat. 
When rice is cooked mix very well.



  1. Enjoy plov. Thank you. Tanya linnik

  2. It's the best.

  3. I really liked your website and recipes, specially manti recepi. But when i came to this...I am sure this dish taste good and it looks good.
    But, Please, if you have any respect to "plov" and russian kitchen, dont name whatever you were describing here as "Plov". Real Plov is never made with chicken and you never shred carrots lol i guess this just lazy way! just name this dish with your name or "Risovaya kasha with chiken" something like that. Look on youtube for Сталик Ханкишиев плов, he makes real plov.
    I am sorry, i am as somebody from uzbekistan just get annoyed when people put anything in plov and call it "Plov"
    Thank you.

    1. I know what you meat Damirjon. I love real Uzbeks plov with beef and big chunks of carrots and basmati. But, my family loves this kasha one. Sometimes when I make my kasha plov I make a small pot just for my self of the real plov.

  4. Ok, thats nice! Everything else on this site looks great! i can't wait to try out your other recipes! God bless you in your cooking and promoting this site to others.

    1. I hope you enjoy my other recipes:)
      Thanks, Damirjon.•:*☆*:•.

  5. wonderful recipe, very kids friendly.
    Lea, I was wondering how much oil do you put to saute carrots?

    1. Hi Natalya,
      I use about 4 tbsp or more, i don't measure it:) Sometimes it depends on the frying pan, some of them burn oil faster then the other ones. I would add more oil when I see its all gone.


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