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Friday, June 1, 2012

Blueberry Crescent "Pогалики"

These aren't croissants – they’re crescent rolls, which are less complicated. Croissants are usually made with a laminated (butter-layered) dough, but with many more “turns” – they’re more involved to make. I think you might find these quite a bit simpler and better tasting with blueberries inside.These crescents  are the best. My mom been making these for many years. Now my kids enjoy these.

2 eggs
2 sticks butter
4 oz milk
4 tbs sugar
2 tsp dry yeast
3.5 cups flour
Salt, vanilla

Additional ingredients:
2 eggs
100 gr butter
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First  put  dry yeast in the cup add a little bit of warm water to melt it. Add 1 tsp of sugar and flour mix and put in the warm spot.
I make my dough in the Thermomix.  Put 2 eggs add melted butter add warm milk. Mix, add sugar, vanilla,salt, mix. Last add flour and yeast mix. 
The dough will be nice and smooth. Let it rise for an hour.
Prepare 4 bowls. Put in each melted butter, 2 eggs fluffed,sugar and blueberries. Like on the pix.

I divided the dough into 8 pieces. But better divide into 6 pieces. The you can fit  more  blueberries in.
Roll each in a circle. Use a brush to spread melted butter on top.

Cut like a pizza into 8 pieces. Add half tsp of sugar in each piece. Add blueberries.
Dip in eggs.
Next dip into sugar
Put on the oiled baking sheet.
Bake on 325F for 20-30 min.

Enjoy warm!!!


  1. My husband loves blueberry i want to make those they look excellent. Thank you. Linnik

    1. The taste is rewarding. My family can eat all of the rogaliki in one evening.
      Thanks Tanya✿✿✿


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