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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Potato Fritters ~ Pancakes~ (Драники)

These are traditional Russian Fritters (Draniki). My mom always made it for breakfast. We serve it with sour cream.

5 med potatoes
1 large onion
1 egg
4-5 tbs flour
Salt, pepper
Oil for saute

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Cut Potatoes and onion into large pieces. 
Add all ingredients in the blender or food possessor.
Blend on med  for 10 sec.
Spoon in to oiled skillet. Cook on med until ready. Put on paper towels.


  1. We make those but like it hushbrown style. Sunday after church our favorite dish. Thank you. Tanya linnik

  2. My mother makes these too but she hand grates the potatoes and calls them 'latkes.'

    1. Yes that's how we used to make it, when we did not have food blenders.

  3. Oh how I want some of those right now! hhhhmmmmm...i love potatoes! that's a really neat idea to blend the potatoes, i think it would make it much easier. I used to dislike having to grate the potatoes because it took too much time. will definitely try it out like this! thanks, vera iz.

  4. what kind of blender did you use? It looks like it's a powerful one because the potatoes look really finely chopped up. vera iz.

    1. I use Thermomix This is a very expensive kitchen tool. In fact, the Thermomix is much more than a KitchenAid mixer. It grinds, crushes, blends, kneads, weighs ingredients, sautés, steams and simmers (and stirs while doing so) — German engineering.
      If you have Ninja blender it would be powerful enough.

      Thanks, Vera✿✿✿


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